03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tea Party Proponent Threatens To "Do What They Did At Fort Hood" To Michigan Newspaper

Over at Editor And Publisher's E&P Pub blog, Greg Mitchell brings word of a disturbed woman who called up a Gannett News customer service center and threatened to go to the offices of the Times Herald of Port Huron, Michigan, and "do what they did at Fort Hood." Hopefully she is being investigated for her Islamo-fascist leanings!

Apparently, what touched the woman off was an editorial in the Times Herald which dared to criticize Representative Candice Miller (R-Mich.) for "for continuing to participate in" the Michele Bachmann Tea Party rally on November 5, 2009, "after it turned nasty." The editorial went on to cite examples of the nastiness to which the editors objected:

Rally participants carried a variety of disturbing signs. One placard had a health care message superimposed over dead bodies from Holocaust concentration camps. One referred to President Barack Obama as Sambo. One depicted the president as the evil Joker from Batman movies. One referred to 'Obama and his Marxist buddies.' If Miller truly has signed up with the right-wing fringe -- the bigots, the hate-mongers and the Nazi chanters -- all of us in the Blue Water Area might well need to take another look.

So there you have it! When a Tea Partier wants to register an objection to the entirety of their "movement" being painted as deranged and fringey paranoiacs, threatening to commit mass murder is seen as a reasonable option.

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