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Timothy Gonzales Arrested In Golden For Breaking Into Man's House, Stealing Boxer Shorts

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24-year-old Timothy P. Gonzales has been taken into police custody after breaking into a man's house in Golden, CO and acting as if the home were his. Gonzales Even stole a pair of the homeowner's boxers to wear.

David Strickland, a Golden resident, says he returned home from work Monday to find a car he did not recognize parked in his garage. Upon entering his house, he found that someone had been rummaging through drawers in his room.

At that point, Strickland grabbed a gun and walked into the living room to find Gonzales. Strickland told 9News:

"He said, 'Hello.' That's all he said. And then he came from around the corner at the top of the stairs with nothing but a pair of boxer shorts on."

Police said that the boxers belonged to Strickland.

Police also found
materials associated with making methamphetamines on a work bench in Strickland's garage.

See the News report below:

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