03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Daley Rips Reporter Over Michael Scott Question (VIDEO)

Mayor Daley lit into a reporter Wednesday for asking whether the death of his longtime friend Michael Scott will affect the mayor's political career.

At a press conference following a City Council budget hearing, Tera Williams of Fox Chicago asked Daley to comment on the suggestion that Scott's death could impact him politically.

"Some of [Scott's] friends are also saying that this is going to have a tremendous effect on your career politically," Williams told Daley. "What is your response to that?"

"What? His death?" Daley responded. "That's a personal thing. That has nothing to do with my public career. That's an insult to me."

Daley went off on a tirade against Williams and the rest of the press corps, telling them they had no decency and were concerned only with making money and getting on TV.

"What's wrong with you people, don't you have any respect any more?" Daley said.

He told Williams she owed him an apology and then ended his press conference without taking any more questions.


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New evidence was revealed Wednesday that seemed to bolster the medical examiner's finding that Scott committed suicide.

Police Supt. Jody Weis said that a gun found under Scott's body belonged to him and gunshot residue was found on his left hand, indicating that the left-handed Scott was holding the handgun when it was used. Police are still awaiting the results of ballistics tests that will determine if the bullet that killed Scott was fired from the recovered handgun.

Weis said police also found Scott's money clip, which had cash, credit cards and his ID, diminishing the odds that he was robbed.

Nevertheless, Weis said the department is not yet ready to conclude that Scott shot himself in the head and the investigation is ongoing. That's a point Daley was strong in making at his own press conference, accusing the medical examiner of jumping to conclusions in determining that Scott's death was a suicide.

"If one piece of evidence countered that [suicide ruling], what would you say about that?" Daley said. "It was not a thorough investigation. And that's why they have to do a thorough investigation. It is for the family's sake -- not for the medical examiner. ... It's for the family's sake. They want a thorough investigation."