Rap Legend Flavor Flav: 9/11 Terrorists Should Be Tried In NYC

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What will it take to convince dead-enders that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his 9/11 masterminding ilk should be tried in federal court in New York City? Maybe this will do it: here's intrepid Washington Times reporter and Friend of Eat The Press Liz Glover, asking rap legend-slash-star of reality television shows with loose hygienic standards Flavor Flav about whether KSM and his henchies should be tried in New York City.

"Hey, check this out," responded Flav, "That's where he needs to be tried... it's his fault right now that the Twin Towers ain't standing, it's his fault that a lot of children lost their parents... it's real messed up, so yeah, they need to be tried."

Flav offered no insight into whether KSM's presence in the city would represent a security risk for city residents, his previous criticisms that "911 is a joke in your town" notwithstanding.


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