03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Joseph Gibson: Suspect Injured After BART Officer Appears To Smash Head Into Window (VIDEO)

Transit police in California are facing questions over use-of-force after another controversial video surfaced on YouTube. The latest clip was titled "BART cop breaks window w/drunk guy's face."

While it's unclear whether the suspect's face actually hit the glass, the video does show a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer remove Michael Joseph Gibson, 37, from a train and forcefully push him towards a nearby wall. After a crash, glass shatters onto both men in the West Oakland station.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The officer has been placed on paid "industrial leave" - meaning he is unable to perform his duties because of injuries, officials said.

The officer has worked for BART since May. Before that, he was a Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy for six years. He has not been involved in a use-of-force case during his BART tenure, transit agency officials said.

Records show Gibson was booked on suspicion of two felonies, battering a police officer and resisting arrest, as well as a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

The original video has been removed from YouTube, but several versions have surfaced on other sites:

This is the second video to generate controversy for BART, following a New Year's Day incident where an officer, now facing murder charges, fatally shot an unarmed man.