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World's Worst Photo-Fit Helps Police Capture Murderer

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An image compared to a "a child's rendition of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz" has been used by Bolivian police to catch a killer, reports The Guardian.

The image may be childish, but police were able to use the image to help track down two people involved in the murder of Rafael Vargas, a taxi driver from the city of Santa Cruz, who was stabbed 11 times and set on fire in March.

Judging by news accounts, the terrible photo-fit may be overshadowing the story of the terrible crime itself. The Guardian writes:

The head is shaped like a rugby ball, the lips slide to one side, the nose is phallic, the ears are missing and the hair is having a very bad day.

Whilst The Telegraph reports:

The picture, more reminiscent of a child's school drawing than a piece of forensic evidence, consists of a pair of eyes, lopsided lips, a broomstick-shaped nose, and straight eyebrows topped with hair resembling a thatched roof.

The image now appears to have taken on a life of its own - The Daily Mail reports that the photo-fit is now being used by media sites to block out the face of the suspect, who cannot be identified by law.

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