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Tooth Pull Video Shows Girl's Baby Tooth Pulled Out By Remote-Controlled Car (VIDEO)

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When kids start losing their baby teeth, look out. Visions of quarters and dollars left behind by the Tooth fairy can inspire even the most pain-averse child to confront and pull a loose tooth.

This video chronicles one courageous girl's second tooth-pulling effort.

Much like the old dental-floss-tied-to-a-doorknob strategy, this child and her family have opted to yank out the girl's baby tooth as quickly as possible. Using what appears to be dental floss (mint or flavor-free?), they tie the child's tooth to a remote-controlled car, then launch the toy vehicle over over a cardboard ramp in their living room.

There is a cat involved and smiles--not tears. It's probably not the safest way to remove a tooth, but it looks like fun.


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