03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

FacebookAgent: A Way To View Private Facebook Profiles Or Dangerous Malware?

There's plenty of buzz lately about a tool called FacebookAgent, which supposedly allows users to view private Facebook profiles after a simple download.

But the FacebookAgent site seems sketchy and is likely worth avoiding.

A number of links on the site including "Learn about Facebook Agent" and "Try the latest BETA version" all lead to the same download page which automatically begins installing the software to your computer. Facebook Agent claims to offer a "fast start-up," "fast using" and a "special bonus" of using the tool at work.

The About page is also strange with a misspelled HTML title tag of "Privacy Poolicy Statement" and this seemingly critical clause:

All actions taken through and in this application are on full responsibility of the user. Facebook Agent is in no condition responsible of any harm, damage or violations done while using this application.

Some blogs have already weighed in on whether or not Facebookagent is truly malware, and one that says yes even provides screenshots of what happens to your comptuer after downloading - unwanted popups and strange computer activity.

The lack of news articles or write-ups from legitimate blog sites adds to the suspicion, and in all likelihood this is a site to avoid.