03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Which NFL Team Should Come To LA?

Despite being the second-largest media market in the country, Los Angeles has been without a NFL team since 1994 when the Rams left for St. Louis. This is all set to change, as Gov. Schwarzenegger recently signed a bill clearing the way for developer Ed Roski to build a 75,000 seat stadium in the City of Industry. The next minor detail: finding a team to play there. As the NFL has no plans for an expansion team, LA will have to snag one from another city.

The LA Times reports that the NFL's recent decision to end part of its revenue-sharing program might bring this scenario closer to reality:

...for franchises on the financial ropes, this could be the jab that knocks them to the canvas in the next two or three seasons...With that KO could come an agreement between an existing owner and developer Edward Roski, Jr., who is spearheading the City of Industry effort, to bring a team to Southern California.

A sad state of affairs, but a necessary evil if LA is to ever see another football team besides the Temptation.

UPDATE The LA Times writes today about Jacksonville's continued small-market struggles:

It's a confounding problem, one that happens regularly, and eventually could lead to the Jaguars' leaving for Los Angeles, even London, or perhaps playing part of their schedule in Orlando.

Scroll through to see a list of the most likely to make the move, who would you like to see play for LA?

What NFL Team Would You Like To See Play In LA?