Milton Bradley Traded To Mariners: Confirms Rumors Of Cubs AL Deal

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE (Friday, Dec. 18): Milton Bradley has been traded to the Seattle Mariners. MORE HERE.

Milton Bradley trade rumors are all the buzz this morning in the Major League Baseball world, with some speculating a deal is already done.

The Tribune reports the Cubs are near a tipping point and the deal could come as soon as Wednesday. The Sun-Times adds that the "first day of the rest of the Cubs' lives without Milton Bradley" is within sight.

Yahoo Sports notes that Bradley may not go to the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays as heavily rumored, and there could be a surprise team involved.

But the blogosphere says the Rangers and Rays are still in the mix. Marc Tompkin of believes a deal could be imminent with the Rays. recently weighed in on a hot rumor of Bradley to the Rangers for Kevin Milwood.

Bradley was a major distraction for the Cubs this past season and many believe a deal is inevitable.

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