03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jaimee Grubbs INTERVIEW: Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Dishes On Guilt, Drugs And More (VIDEO)

Jaimee Grubbs, an alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, speaks with "Extra!" for an interview that will air tonight. Grubbs says that she "felt guilty" about sleeping with Woods. When asked if she ever saw Woods use drugs, Grubbs answers evasively, saying that she never saw him take painkillers. She then added that he has a sleeping problem. Woods has been linked to Ambien in numerous instances over the past several weeks.

See below for the video and release, or click here. The full interview airs tonight on "Extra!"


Jaimee Grubbs admits she sometimes had second thoughts about sleeping with Tiger Woods, a married father of two.

"I guess if I were to think about it, I did feel guilty that he was spending his time with somebody that isn't his wife," she tells "Extra." "But you know, he never mentioned her. I never thought about it."

By the time she learned he was wed to Elin Nordegren, "we already had this relationship," she says. "And he was the one who pursued me, and I just kind of got involved in this... I had invested emotions in it. I let myself think, 'out of mind, out of sight' type feelings."

Woods has been linked to 11 women, including Grubbs -- but she doesn't think he's a sex addict.

"The Tiger that I knew, I would never think that," says Grubbs, who has claimed she was intimate with Woods about 20 times over a three-year period.

She admits that Woods has a "sleeping problem." According to reports, Nordegren told police that her husband had taken painkiller Vicodin and sleep aid Ambien before his Nov. 27 car crash.

"He did never sleep. I mean, even if he wanted to go to bed at maybe 10, he wouldn't fall asleep until 12:30, 1 [AM], and then he'd be up at 3," she continues.

She credits his restlessness to the pressures of his athletic status.

"I'm sure he has so much on his mind, and I couldn't ever imagine it being put to sleep," she says. "He very much does have a sleeping problem."

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