03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Recession Hits Kids Hard Too

Children aren't immune to the myriad effects of economic stress due to the recession an Arizona Daily Sun article reported Sunday.

Kids naturally adopt the emotions of their parents, which in times of financial upheaval, can lead to them acting out, losing focus at school or getting involved in criminal behavior, the article describes.

Teens are also having a harder time finding after-school work and numbers of homeless students in the Flagstaff area, as in other parts of the country, have jumped significantly.

Karen Wilson-Morris, who is a liaison for the school district's HeadStart program to help families who fit the homeless criteria, said she is seeing up to three families a day consistently who are looking for assistance. The stories are consistent, too, she added: People are losing jobs or are getting cuts to their paychecks to the point where they can't afford adequate housing.

Mentoring and after school programs, as well as food banks and homeless shelters, are attempting to pick up the slack from financially strapped parents who can't cover all their childrens' needs.

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You can also look for volunteer opportunities with organizations that work to help youth in tough financial times. National organizations such as 826 National and Feeding America have local branches in many cities and work individually with children and families to improve their situations.

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