Berlusconi: 'Love Always Triumphs Over Hate'

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Berlusconi has made his first public statement since being attacked in Milan Sunday, and his message was one of love.

In a message from his hospital bed, which was posted on his party's website, the Italian leader said, "Thanks to all of the many who sent me messages of support and affection. I say to all of you, stay calm and happy. Love always triumphs over hate and envy."

Meanwhile, AFP reports that the Italian government is moving to close down Web sites that encouraging further violence against Berlusconi.

"Judicial authorities have been alerted, but we also plan legislative initiatives to bring about the closure of these sites that send out messages of real incitement to delinquency, with the effects that we have all seen," Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said.

AFP says two such sites on Facebook are now under investigation, one of them named "Death to Berlusconi."

More details on Berlusconi's condition, from the AP:

Medical officials said Berlusconi must remain hospitalized until at least Wednesday and probably should cancel all public activities throughout the Christmas season.

The medical bulletin issued Tuesday by the San Raffaele hospital in Milan said Berlusconi was still in pain but his condition was not worrying.

"He greatly wants to get over this difficult moment. I would be happy if we could slow him down a little," Berlusconi's spokesman Paolo Bonaiuti told TV broadcaster SkyTg24.

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