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Costco Protects Palin From Tomatoes By Taking Them Off Shelves

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A Costco in Utah took tomatoes off the shelves during a visit by Sarah Palin, after someone threw tomatoes at the Alaska Governor (and missed) on a stop at the Mall of America. Via Harpers, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Rappaport stopped at the Salt Lake City Costco to do some shopping, unaware that Palin was scheduled to be there for a book signing. [...]

The clerk told her they had no tomatoes that day.

No tomatoes? At Costco?

As she was leaving, she noticed a man with a store manager's name tag and asked him why they had no tomatoes. He informed her the store did have tomatoes, but they were taken off the shelves for a few hours.

It turns out that Palin had been pelted with a tomato at an earlier stop on her book tour and the management at the Costco was determined it wouldn't happen here.

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