05/18/2010 01:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lingerie Football League Lawsuit? Letter Threatens To Sue Former Players (UPDATED)

The Lingerie Football League, the indoor league where women play seven-on-seven tackle football in revealing uniforms, is threatening to sue ex-players who say the LFL has failed to follow through on a pledge to assist injured players. The Smoking Gun has obtained a letter from league's lawyer that alleges the former players have "participated in the posting of false and defamatory internet posts."

The league, according to the letter, "is entitled to general damages for loss of reputation, shame and mortification." The letter gives players until December 20 to cease and desist. See the Smoking Gun for more.

UPDATE: The Lingerie Football League tells the Huffington Post that "the league issued Cease & Desist orders to a couple former players that were either released or cut with an ax to grind making false claims. We have had many players injured this past season and they have all received top medical care from our LFL medical groups in our markets under our insurance policy."