03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Sawyer And Katie Couric: Designers' Newest Muses?

With Katie Couric at CBS Evening News and Diane Sawyer at ABC's World News come Monday, women's wear will take center stage...behind the anchor's desk. Designers are already itching to get their clothes and accessories on the two ladies, WWD says.

Elie Tahari might have beaten everyone to the punch:

"I plan to dress them. This is the year of the woman. Both Diane and Katie are wearing our clothes--quite often. We don't send clothes to anybody. They buy them. I think these two women are confident, dress smartly, are stylish, graceful, elegant and modern. It's very good for business. [The broadcasts] go to everybody's living room and women are looking at women--it's stimulating for style and fashion. With men, they're in a suit and tie, and it's boring."

Isaac Mizrahi believes that Couric and Sawyer's sophistication and propriety will make for a good influence on-air:

"Now it's fashionable to be over the top and have madcap style. I like that for once you get restraint from these girls, and it might help the cause."

However, Diane von Furstenberg isn't sure that the two female anchors will have any impact on the clothing industry.

"I think it's great for women," she said. "Whether it's great for fashion, I don't know."

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