03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mystery Donor Leaves Yearly Surprises For Rehabilitation Center

Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville, Indiana has had something special to look forward to during the holidays during the last two decades: Pete Time.

Every year since 1990, CNN reports, Staffers have received a call from "Pete," a mysterious supporter of the center. "Pete" lets those at the center know that a gift is waiting for them somewhere on the grounds of the center.

This year, "Pete time" meant a miniature, tin Christmas tree -- hidden between a pine tree and some Dumpsters -- with 30 crisp, new $100 bills attached.

The anonymous benefactor has given nearly $65,000 to the center, hidden in christmas decorations and accompanied by cryptic notes.

The center serves about 5,000 people with disabilities in a 30-county stretch of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Fundraising typically goes toward the center's work on physical and medical rehabilitation. But Pete has always been clear that his donations should go toward extras for the children served at the center, which charges clients on a sliding financial scale and never turns away people because they can't pay.

The center has put out a story of their own about "Pete's" kindness toward children with disabilities:

The agency's therapists, social workers, and preschool teachers will now get busy acting as "Pete's" helpers. They will use his contribution to buy gifts for at least 70 children whose families are unable to afford toys or in some cases clothing and other necessities for the holiday season. Staff members (assisted by Santa Claus) will make sure the gifts are delivered to the children's families before Christmas.

To read the full story about "Pete" and this decades-old story of charity, visit

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