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Homeless Man: Carla Bruni Gives Me 100 Euros

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Carla Bruni has friends in high places, but she's also made a friend who happens to live on the streets. According the the Telegraph UK, Carla has formed a bond with Denis, 53, a homeless man who stays in the sixteenth arrondissement, giving him 50 or 100 euros at a time and talking to him about books and music. She even gave him a signed CD:

"My friends from the street told me that as (the CD) has got her signature, it's worth a lot of money. I couldn't care less, I prefer to keep it; having said that I lent it to someone two months ago who hasn't given in back," he said.

She offered to put him up in a hotel for a month, but Denis declined. He also said that the police have left him alone since he befriended Carla:

"Carla's help is concrete. Before knowing her, the cops bugged me regularly, now they leave me alone. She must have put the word round. She's a great lady, you know, Carla, even if she doesn't appear to be."

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