03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ron Artest Injury: Were Stairs, Box Really Involved?

The AP reports that Lakers forward Ron Artest did not travel to Sacramento for tonight's game against the Kings due to an injury suffered at home. According to the team's statement, Artest tripped over a box and fell down a flight of stairs at home last night. (UPDATE: The Team later said he suffered a concussion.)

While no reports contradicting Artest's account have yet emerged, there is a well-established history of athletes changing their story over time. In 2002, Giants second baseman Jeff Kent claimed he injured himself while washing his truck, but, in the words of his own GM at the time, Kent's account was contradicted by "mounting evidence from all sorts of eyewitnesses that says he fell off a motorcycle popping wheelies."

In 2000, Marlins reliever Dan Miceli said he was hurt in a bar fight concerning his wife. "They took their swings, and I took mine," he said at the time. Just two days later, Miceli confessed that he was actually hurt in a domestic dispute with his brother. He defended his lie with the bulletproof argument that "it's not like I'm out there killing people, smoking drugs or raping women or anything like that."

In a humorous case, Rockies infielder Clint Barmes claimed he broke his collarbone carrying groceries, but later said that he was hauling deer meat when the injury occurred. This didn't stop people from speculating that an ATV ride earlier in the day was the real source of the injury.

Most recently, what initially appeared to some as a simple car accident involving Tiger Woods quickly burgeoned into a massive scandal, complete with 11 alleged mistresses, ranging from porn stars (NSFW pictures) to a 48-year-old "cougar."