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NFL Playoff Scenarios: AFC Wide Open, NFC Teams Set Heading Into 2009 Week 17

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The NFL playoff scenarios are intriguing heading into Week 17, and they'll have several teams' fans on edge, particularly on the AFC side.

Here's how the NFL standings look, who's in already, and what teams on the bubble need to do to squeak into the playoffs.


1. Indianapolis Colts (14-1): at Bills
2. San Diego Chargers (12-3): vs. Redskins
3. New England Patriots (10-5): at Texans
4. Cincinnati Bengals (10-5): at Jets

Wild Card

5. New York Jets (8-7): vs. Bengals, win and they're in
6. Baltimore Ravens (8-7): at Raiders, win and they're in
Denver Broncos (8-7): at Chiefs, need win, Ravens loss or Jets loss, and Pittsburgh loss or Houston win
Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7): at Dolphins, need win, Ravens loss or Jets loss, and Texans loss
Houston Texans (8-7): vs. Patriots, need win, Ravens loss or Jets loss, and Broncos loss
Miami Dolphins (7-8): vs. Steelers, need win, Jets or Ravens loss and a lot of help
Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8): at Browns, need win, Jets or Ravens loss and a lot of help


1. New Orleans Saints (13-2): at Panthers, need win for home field advantage through playoffs
2. Minnesota Vikings (11-3): at Bears (tonight), then vs. Giants, need win for first-round bye
3. Philadelphia Eagles (11-4): at Cowboys, playing for division title
4. Arizona Cardinals (10-5): vs. Packers

Wild Card

5. Dallas Cowboys (10-5): vs. Eagles, playing for division title
6. Green Bay Packers (10-5): at Cardinals

For more, see the NFL's official tie-breaking procedures and standings.

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