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Virginia Man Donates 160th Pint Of Blood

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In the week before Christmas, William Clements found his way through the torrential blizzard that had hit the eastern seaboard to his local Red Cross affiliate, donating his 160th pint of blood. Clemens has donated 20 gallons of blood in his lifetime, equivalent to the weight of an adult man.


Clements' latest donation comes amid a regional donation shortfall, said Bob Lutjen, a manager for the American Red Cross's 46-county Appalachian region, which includes the Lynchburg area. Lutjen said that winter weather caused many drives to be sparsely attended or canceled. He praised Clements' commitment.

"We have always relied on those people like him as the core and the cornerstone of the program," Lutjen said. "If we had more people like him, we wouldn't have to worry about the situation of the blood inventories."