03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jasmine Lennard, Casey Johnson's Vibrator Victim, Cashes In On Her Death (PHOTOS, INFO)

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British reality show model Jasmine Ferrard had no love lost for her former friend Casey Johnson when Johnson allegedly stole from her and used her vibrator in her bed a few weeks ago, but now that the heiress is dead Jasmine has only kind things to say--to an outlet that routinely pays its sources for stories.

"Casey was a fragile, beautiful, witty, wonderful girl who was desperately looking for love," Jasmine, 24, told RadarOnline.com. "Did I love her? Yes. I tried so hard to save her but I couldn't."

The same day she gave Radar an 'exclusive' interview Jasmine spoke to Life & Style about her devastation. Then she threw in a custody offer.

"Casey always made me promise if anything happened to her I would watch over her baby Ava, and with her family's blessing I will honor that promise," she told the magazine. Casey leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter whom she adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007.

Jasmine blames Casey's histrionic fiance Tila Tequila for thwarting the Johnson family's attempts to put Casey in rehab. "Tila is a sick, sick girl," she told Radar. Here is Jasmine's Twitter hate screed to Tila:

In 2005 Jasmine was a contestant on UK's 'Make Me a Supermodel,' where she called judge Rachel Hunter "spotty, finished and fat." She reportedly had an affair with Simon Cowell while he was dating Terri Seymour in 2006. Both Jasmine and Casey have been romantically linked to socialite and Yahoo! heiress Courtenay Semel.

Here's Jasmine at a party in 2007:

Here she is with her sister Jessica in 2005:

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