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Nigeria Owes New York City Millions In Unpaid Taxes

01/12/10 01:45 PM ET   AP

Nigeria President

NEW YORK — New York City says the government of Nigeria owes it millions of dollars in unpaid taxes on the Manhattan building that houses the Nigerian Consulate.

According to a city lawsuit filed late Monday in federal court, Nigeria owes $4.1 million to $16 million in real estate taxes and interest.

Diplomatic offices are tax exempt. But New York City says parts of Nigeria's 22-story building near the United Nations have been used for commercial purposes, including for Nigeria Airways offices. Those uses are taxable.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the city will go after every dollar that is owed to taxpayers.

Consular officials did not immediately respond to a phone call and an e-mail seeking comment.


Filed by Priyanka Boghani  |