02/05/2011 04:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ask A Banker: HuffPost Readers' Tell Us What The FCIC SHOULD Have Asked

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission -- the bipartisan committee tasked with investigating the causes of the financial crisis -- held its first public hearings yesterday when it heard testimony from the heads of four of the country's largest banks.

The first hearing addressed some critical questions: Do bankers think too-big-to-fail still applies to their institutions? Was Goldman Sachs ever offered less than full price for its contracts with A.I.G.? The commission still has much ground to cover before it submits its final report this December, however.

In democratic fashion, the commission has asked members of the public to help shape the direction its inquiry will take by contributing questions for them to ask Wall Street CEOs.

So HuffPost put out a call to our readers, asking you for the questions you think it's most vital the Financial Crisis Commission address to the nation's banking elite. The response has been overwhelming. Check out our favorites -- and help us narrow down our final list by voting for the best ones -- below:

Financial Crisis Commission: The Best Questions From HuffPost Readers