Jim Nantz Calls Haiti 'Haitia' (VIDEO)

03/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz took a moment to plug 60 Minutes during today's Chargers-Jets playoff game on CBS. Unfortunately for him, the promo turned into an embarrassing miscue.

"Tonight 60 Minutes joins up with the 82nd Airborne as U.S. soldiers move in to help Haitia," he said (our emphasis). Of course, Nantz meant to say Haiti. To his credit, Nantz did properly pronounce the country's name on numerous other occasions during the game.

Haiti is suffering from a massive earthquake that has already claimed tens of thousands of lives, if not more. Haitians and relief organizations need all of the support they can get. Click HERE to find out how to help.

WATCH (via the Sporting Blog and EDSBS):

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