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Seth Meyers: NBC's Killing Conan (VIDEO)

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After astutely pointing out that "this week, you didn't need Cinemax to see someone get screwed on TV," SNL's Seth Meyers provided the most accurate analogy for the Leno/Conan drama yet.

To explain how Conan was screwed, Meyers compared the situation to marriage. But in this instance, you've decided that not only will you divorce your current wife (Leno) in five years for somebody new (Conan), but you'll even tell her of the plan. Needless to say, that will backfire, but then you come up with the following solution:

"You'll still marry the second person, but you'll also stay married to the first. So you tell the new wife: "Good news, we're totally married, but every night when I get home I'm gonna spend a half an hour with my first wife first, but then I'm all yours." Before you can see how she feels about it, you hold a press conference to tell people you changed the future of marriage."

And then when that doesn't work, Meyers explained, "You kill your second wife."


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