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Army Boss: Soldier 'Contributed' To Al-Qaeda Suspect's Shooting

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NEW YORK — An interpreter says he wrestled away an Army rifle from a U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist before she could kill anyone during a chaotic confrontation in Afghanistan in 2008.

Ahmad Gul (AHCK-mahd Goul) testified Wednesday at the attempted murder trial of Aafia Siddiqui (ah-FEE'-uh sih-DEE'-kee). She's accused of shooting at two Americans trying to interview her in Afghanistan.

Gul told a Manhattan jury that after Siddiqui picked up the unattended weapon, he lunged at her. He said two shots went off as the pair struggled, and the solider who lost the rifle shot her in the stomach.

Authorities say the 37-year-old was caught in Afghanistan carrying notes on bomb-making and a list of landmarks including the Statue of Liberty.

Siddiqui is not facing terrorism charges. She denies any wrongdoing.