Salons Tell Clients To Bring iPods, Won't Pay Radio Bill

03/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Spanish hair salons have turned into BYOi (that's Bring Your Own iPod) operations after hairdressers in Barcelona and across Catalonia have refused to pay a monthly fee for playing music, the Guardian UK reports.

The Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE) charges salons six to twelve euro a month as a sort of tax on behalf of musicians to play their songs. SGAE spokesman Antonio Rojas told the Guardian, "The fees are not designed to damage [salons'] business. It is very difficult to maintain culture if we do not pay those who create it."

But the barbers think the tax is unbelievable.

"Hairdressers don't make money off the music, they just try to make sure there is as welcoming an atmosphere as if they were inviting the clients into our own homes," said Josep Maria Figuera, of the Catalan Hair and Beauty Federation.

Figuera and others have asked clients to provide their own music to protest the tax.

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