David Gregory: 'I Don't Think We've Made Mistakes' On 'Meet The Press'

03/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Danny Shea Editorial Director, The Huffington Post

David Gregory spoke to MarketWatch's Jon Friedman's about his first year as "Meet the Press" moderator and boldly declared his year mistake-free.

"I don't think we've made mistakes," Gregory told Friedman when asked what his missteps were.

Gregory also said that he's growing more comfortable in Tim Russert's chair.

"As the year has gone on, I feel unquestionably more comfortable in the chair and the role," Gregory said. "Unquestionably, I feel like this is my program. The successful transition is complete."

When he got the job, Gregory said, NBC Universal President & CEO Jeff Zucker (a former "Today" show producer himself) told him, "You are entitled to nothing that Tim had."