03/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hickenlooper-McInnis Hitler VIDEO

A new youtube video is comparing the Colorado Governor's race to World War II, and Scott McInnis won't like the side he's on.

The video overlays subtitles onto the 2004 Hitler biopic "Downfall." The scene, which--in the original movie--depicts Hitler berating his generals after receiving troubling news about the war, compares Hitler and the Colorado GOP. Learning of Ritter's exit from the race and Hickenlooper's entry is analogous to Hitler learning of the allied advance on Germany.

Denver-based political analyst and son of Holocaust survivors Eric Sondermann told KDVR "Normally, the first side to invoke Hitler loses in politics, but this may not be in the same category."

The scene from "Downfall" has been a popular medium for Youtube satirists. In 2008, a video went viral overlaying subtitles about Hillary Clinton's primary loss to Barack Obama.

While it may be premature to equate Hickenlooper's candidacy with the "downfall" of the Colorado GOP, you can't help but wonder how closely the satire mirrors recent conversations in Dick Wadhams's office.