03/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Raymond A. Figueroa: County Assessor Candidate Injured In Fight, Endorsed The Next Day

Former judge and Democratic Cook County Assessor candidate Raymond A. Figueroa was hurt in a fight outside his home Tuesday night, before landing the endorsement of the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Sun-Times reported Tuesday night that Figueroa, a retired circuit judge and former alderman, was arguing with a man when the fight became physical.

The other man, whose identity was unknown, fled the scene following the incident and Figueroa refused medical attention, the Sun-Times reports. Police said charges against the candidate were unlikely.

Meanwhile, Figueroa received hefty praise from the newspaper Wednesday:

The assessor must be a person of integrity and competence or the whole system stinks. And with that in mind, we endorse Raymond A. Figueroa, a respected former alderman and judge, over two other miserable candidates -- Robert Shaw and Joseph Berrios -- in the Feb. 2 Democratic primary election.

The endorsement goes on to slam Berrios, while admitting that he will likely win the assessor seat:

But what really matters in this race, to be blunt, is not what we like about Figueroa, but what nobody should like about Berrios -- his inexcusable disregard for blatant conflicts of interest.

Berrios sits on the county's Board of Review, where he shamelessly rakes in political contributions from the very same tax assessment lawyers who appear before the board -- including attorneys from the law firm of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

No word yet on what the fight in front of Figueroa's Northwest Side home was about.