Teresa Heinz Speaks Out About Battling Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

03/30/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

When Teresa Heinz heard the news from her doctor that she had breast cancer, she remained calm -- preferring to "ask her a lot of questions" rather than break down. The diagnosis, however, was serious: Heinz had cancer in both of her breasts and would need two lumpectomies, plus additional radiation treatments.

Heinz's husband, democratic senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry, has voiced his support for his wife, saying he knows she has the strength to beat the cancer. Kerry, a cancer survivor himself, explained how his wife deftly "went after the information" and "found out what the options were" very quickly.

Heinz's emphasis on informed health care decisions shined through during her interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, where she offered the following advice to women facing similar health crises: "Women need to be informed of where to go, how to to access care. You have to pay attention."


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