Will Arnett Introduces His Dad To Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

03/31/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Will Arnett visited Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night to promote his new comedy, 'When in Rome,' and he brought his dad to the taping.

"I can't leave them at the house alone," he said. "Who knows what'll happen. They're not young people. They're from Canada."

The camera panned to Will's dad sitting in the front row. "By the way, my dad can't speak and he doesn't understand English," Will said.

Mr. Arnett was a good sport through all this and when asked who was best in 'When in Rome,' he gestured to his son and said, "the man."

In Part 2 Will tells Jimmy about the time his mom drugged him and his siblings during a long car trip in the 1970s and talks about getting punished for smoking at his all-boys boarding school.

WATCH Part 1:

WATCH Part 2:

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