Bill Press Show Plays Hilarious Phone Prank On Hill Reporter

04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apparently, one of the problems that the producers of the "Bill Press Show" face on a daily basis is that one of the phone numbers for their studio is listed by 411 as the Supreme Court. So, from time to time, the show fields calls from confused people, looking to talk to someone at SCOTUS.

Yesterday, the confused individual was The Hill reporter Brent Budowsky, who was seeking comment on the Citizens United case. So, the folks at the show decided to have a little bit of fun at Budowsky's expense.

Budowsky was told that he would be redirected to the White House for comment. Budowsky agreed and was stunned to find himself, in short order, speaking to President Obama. Only he wasn't -- he was still talking to the "Bill Press Show", which had deployed one of those Internet soundboard thingies to make it appear as if Budowsky was having a legitimate conversation. Naturally, things got deeply weird:

PRODUCER: Hang on for just one second, who did you say you were?

BUDOWSKY: Yeah. Brent Budowsky. B-U-D-O-W-S-K-Y. I'm a columnist for The Hill newspaper.

PRODUCER: All right, I'm afraid I'm going to have to transfer you to the White House. Hang on one moment.

BUDOWSKY: The White House? Hello?


BUDOWSKY: Who am I speaking to?

"BARACK OBAMA": I'm Barack Obama. I'm sorry, who'd you say you were?

BUDOWSKY: This is Brent Budowsky. Who is this?

"BARACK OBAMA": I'm Barack Obama.

BUDOWSKY: You're kidding.

"BARACK OBAMA": You know Barack, don't you?


"BARACK OBAMA": Yeah, I hear you -- you had a question for me. We wanted to call up, and answer it personally.

BUDOWSKY: Oh, it's about the Supreme Court decision and I'm writing a column on it. I happen to agree with your position. But I had one or two questions about what I was going to write, and whether you had any reaction

"BARACK OBAMA": You have some good ideas. Maybe if you joined the church, you could help us start a community program. Why don't you come by on Sunday?

BUDOWSKY: Yeah. Well, what's... what's... how do you feel about an American Elections for Americans Only Act, which is what I'm proposing in my column, that would limit campaign donations to companies that have outside foreign capital coming in through direct investment or other relationships? That's my question. A specific bill, consistent with your speech last night, and I'm looking for any quotes or reactions.

"BARACK OBAMA": I don't know.

BUDOWSKY: Well, what would you suggest?

"BARACK OBAMA": So what happens when we go out to a party with some sistahs, huh? What happens? I tell you what happens. Blam! They on us like there's no tomorrow. High school chicks, university chicks, it don't matter. They acting sweet, all smiles. Sure you can have my number, baby.



Yeah, what email should... I'll send you what I wrote on the Internet, that'll be--

"BARACK OBAMA": Sorry, go ahead.

BUDOWSKY: What email should I send it to...

"BARACK OBAMA": Dammit, Barry, you can't just sit around like some "Good Time Charlie" waiting for luck to see you through.

BUDOWSKY: Excuse me?

"BARACK OBAMA": Yeah, that's what you said the last time.


"BARACK OBAMA": Next thing I know, she's hooked up with Steve "No Neck" Yamaguchi, the two of them all holding hands like a couple of lovebirds. You've lost your way, brother.

And at that point, Budowsky hung up. Everything worked out for the best, however. The "Bill Press Show" called Budowsky back and let him know what they did, and extended Budowsky an invitation to come on the show today to discuss his column, which, by the way, is quite good, and has nothing to do with Steve "No Neck" Yamaguchi.

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