UPDATE: 'Lobster Zone' Game Gets Shut Down (VIDEO, POLL)

04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Chicagoist reports that Doc Ryan's owner Brian Sullivan has agreed to remove the Lobster Zone machine from his bar.


A story published on Chicagoist Tuesday morning describes PETA's attempt to stop Forest Park watering hole Doc Ryan's from using a machine called 'Lobster Zone.'

As you'll see, it's like one of those retractable claws that you can win toys with at the arcade... except this time, it's a live lobster you're snagging, which will be cooked and served for your dinner.

These dudes clearly think it's awesome, but PETA is of a different opinion. "Studies show that lobsters are social animals who lead complex lives in the wild," PETA's senior vice president Dan Mathews said. "We hope Doc Ryan's will please everyone by serving up drinks and ditching the nasty 'Lobster Zone' device."

What do you think?

Watch the Zone in action (and listen to the worst karaoke of "Angie" you've ever heard):