04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So Thong, Farewell: Cosmo Declares The G-String Dead (POLL)

Somebody break the news to Sisqo: the thong is dead. The February issue of Cosmo contains a eulogy for the cheek-less undies, claiming that sales have dipped "lower than the hipster jeans that were designed to expose them." Cosmo reminisces about Woody Allen's usage of the term "visible panty line" in 1977's "Annie Hall," the first Victoria's Secret runway show in 1995, and the rise of "whale tail" in the early aughties.

But Salon's Sarah Hepola takes a different approach, explaining that she was never on Team Thong, calling it "an epic fail--neither flattering nor comfortable, a permanent wedgie at premium prices." Hepola decided to ask men what they think of thongs. Here's a round-up of the responses:

  • My friend Hunter offered a similar view: "Generally humans should avoid jamming stuff into the butt crack," he wrote by e-mail. "But I know men's true opinion on the subject: Women should wear as little as possible."
  • "The thong is an expression of the knee-jerk assumption that when it comes to lingerie, the less the better," said Steve. "To me, the thong is like fenugreek. It's a particular spice, a good one, but only appropriate at points. And rarely on its own, and never meant to dominate a dish."
  • "If I searched my soul, I probably prefer boy shorts," explained my friend Josh. "But no girl I've been with has worn a thong. Thus, I still like it. If they had or did, I'd probably be over it as a talisman of sex."

So, what do you think?