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TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Good morning, everyone and welcome to your Superbowl Sunday edition of this here liveblog which chronicles certain moments of the Sunday morning political gabfestivals. My name is Jason, coming to you from snow-crippled Washington, DC. We have had, like, seventeen feet of snow fall on us in the past 48 hours, all of which was fun times, you know? What with all the powdery goodness and the school cancellations and the rampant snowpunning ("Ra Ra ah-ah-ah! Snow-ma snow-ma-ma! Ga-ga ooh-la-la! Want your bad snowmance!").

Until last night, when our power went out. That's when the suck side of this winter calamity finally revealed itself. It was sort of a major bummer, as you might expect, especially when you've planned an evening of nothing more ambitious then watching Torchwood and then Saturday Night Live, only to end up having to read by candlelight. Why haven't they made a steam-powered internet? I do not know that answers, to these things! But the bright side was, hey, maybe the power will stay out for a long enough time that I won't have to watch the Sunday morning shows!

Well, as you can tell, YAY ME, right? Just in time, my teevee works. And later, I get to shovel my car partially out of its ice-womb. Yay. YAY!

Anyway. You can leave a comment, or send an email, or, if you want to follow my slow descent into snowmadness later in the day, follow me on Twitter. Right now, it's time to rip this band-aid off by watching...


Woot! Big news today as the woman they call Trixie Klondyke, aka Sarah Palin, is making her first Sunday morning talk show appearance only about a year and a half after it might have mattered. She was in Nashville, addressing the Tea Party Grievance Trade Show and Birther Expo, cold readin' her notes off her hand, and probably grifting on the streets of Nashville, running dice games and whatnot. Now she's here with Chris Wallace, who I think told Don Imus this week that he plans on hitting that? Or being the hittee of that? Anyway, laps were involved.

How does Palin see herself? She says that the Tea Party movement should merge with the GOP, and in fact, that's what's happening: the Tea Party folks are slowly getting subsumed within the larger GOP. Soon they will come to know the sweet feeling of elevating their haunches into the air, so that lobbyists may sample their innocence, and they'll be whores like the rest of everyone in politics. Whether Palin intends to speed that along or just skim a little off the top for herself (or a lot, considering her boffo speaker fee!) is something that the pimps obviously don't care about.

But, in her opinion, both parties have "lost their way." Of course, she thinks all mankind have "lost their way." She's proud to be a part of this, but claims to not want to be a leader. Just a principal financial beneficiary! She also makes a "teleprompter" joke. In just a little while from now, she'll come to see the value in TelePrompters!

Chris Wallace starts pointing out how Bill Kristol is upset with her endorsement of Rand Paul, who favors things like closing GITMO and doing away with the Patriot Act. Palin lays it off on Paul being in favor of "Tenther" style federalism, which belies a lack of awareness of how the government works and how those sorts of issues have nothing to do with Federalism. "You can never find a perfect candidate, but I'm proud to support him." For reasons, I guess, that she doesn't quite know.

As far the Obama presidency, "He has some misguided decisions that he is making." She also thinks that he's saying "Sit down and shut up." Wallace is all "O RLY?" "Where is he saying sit down and shut up?" Palin: "Just sort of his general persona."

Basically, Palin sort of thinks that the "we" that opposes Obama initiatives constitutes a population of significant enough size that it should offset the larger population that supports the same initiatives.

She does not take back her "palling around with terrorists," because she still wants Obama to explain his relationship with Bill Ayers...I guess she needs a personal session, in which he explains the complexities of challenge grant panels, to her?

Wallace says, "Hasn't he done a good job protecting the country?" Palin insists that he "kinda went along with the commanders on the ground." Not sure, at all, what they mean, considering those commanders will deploy the forces they asked for on the dates they asked for the deployment.

Palin doesn't want criminals to be treated according to the Constitution. But who is surprised by that!

Palin is "very happy to hear about" the slightly decent economic news. She hasn't had the time to READ ALL THE NEWSPAPERS, lately, I guess. She's also concerned about the "government takeover of the private sector," whatever that means:

Next, some word soup about the free market and entrepeneurship that Tina Fey can use as a comedy monologue.

Now, there's some stuff about giving women the right to choose? BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES IN THE WOMB THAT THE STATE OWNS? She is happy she was able to "make the right decision," but that term, "make the right decision" doesn't have any meaning when your belief system doesn't acknowledge the decision making process. "I organically arrived at the same decision I would have gladly had forced upon me." Why not just be HONEST about this? Oh, everyone should be forced to spit out their babies! Why even pretend? Why drizzle that determinist outlook with "Choice Sauce?"

She wants to "empower women," to see the awesome power of not having autonomy. YOU ARE STRONG AND SMART ENOUGH TO SHUT UP AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!

How about the whole quitting thing? "Didn't you let your enemies drive you from office?" Wallace asks. "Hell no!" says Palin. Now Alaska is off the hook for fighting all of her many ethical lapses. She also somehow believes that she is fighting for Alaska's energy industry.

"Before you were talking about Ronald Reagan," Wallace says, pointing out that Reagan would never have quit. Palin says that in her case, it was affecting her constituents.

Wallace asks about Todd Palin's many many emails of political opinions that he send hither and yon, to everyone. Palin lays it off as her sharing advice with Todd. Wallace reminds her that he was emailing all manner of government officials. OK. Here is her weird explanation for all of that. Brace yourself, it's weird.

"He was forwarding on emails. And here's another thing. Todd and I being, in some cases, thousands of miles apart, if I emailed him about being, say, outside traveling, Todd's home, he's there, there, as a desktop, and I'm telling Todd, "Hey! Todd! Print this off for me, I'm going to grab it on my way home, because I work off a Blackberry, constantly, for practical reasons, it helped too. Todd helped as Alaska's "First Dude" with no staff. with no office, being thousands of miles away during a lot of times, with his job in Prudhomme Bay on the North Slope and commercial fishing. He helped with workforce development issues, issues that meant a lot to him and people out there, IN THE REAL WORLD. With carhearts, and steeltoed boots and hardhats trying to build this country. Todd helped in that respect. He never got into the minutiae of the politics, Todd's too good for that, he hates this kind of periphery political bull-stuff that we go through. He's not a part of any of that and, no, more power to Todd for being a good adviser and being a good practical person with common sense solutions."

1. So, Sarah Palin does not understand how "email" works.
2. Alaska's "First Dude" office is unstaffed? How is the state not, at this minute, ON FIRE?
4. Oh, yes! This woman is so obviously better off without the help of smart political advisers like Nicolle Wallace!

I am now an hour behind! Because of constantly having to rewing this nonsense, to figure out what this lady is saying.

LIGHTNING ROUND! Palin says Eric Holder and Rahm should step down. Don't Ask Don't Tell should stay in place. She has more to say about Rahm, none of which makes sense, or is interesting. Rush Limbaugh, as you know, is allowed to say the word "retarded," because it was "satire."

Palin says that she "did not hear Rush Limbaugh call a group of people he did not agree with 'effing retards,' but it was reported Rahm Emanuel said it." BUT IT WAS REPORTED? Oh, God, this woman makes no sense and she's just nto glib enough to be dishonest successfully. It is really quite magical.

Look, I don't know why we are trying to parse this. You are not allowed to say the word "retarded" if you do not agree with Sarah Palin's political point of view. If you are someone who does, or more importantly, someone that Palin needs the approval of, you can use it all the time, she will excuse it.

Wallace asks her, as a Fox News analyst, to handicap the GOP race for 2012. She says she can't do it. "Well, you're not a very good analyst," Wallace says. Palin goes on to laud "young turks" in the GOP like Paul Ryan, who has a weird, radically stupid budget he's pimping. She wants to see all sorts of contested primaries.

Sarah Palin may or may not be thinking about thinking about running for president. She's formed a PAC, which is an arm of her book sales empire.

Is she more knowledgeable about foreign and domestic affairs now than she was a year ago? "Well I should hope so!" she says. But...but...what's the answer to the question?

Palin thinks that Obama should declare war on Iran, to show his toughness, and get re-elected. of course, if he did that, he'd lose re-election, because the majority of voters would wonder when Obama became a psychopath.

And now Palin is back to suggesting that the sliver of the population who identify as "tea party" are the prevailing constituency who'se opinions should be treasured above all others.

Palin says that her speaker's fee for the Tea Party convention is something she won't be keeping, but reinvesting into the cause. She doesn't know how yet! I can't wait to see Wasilla's foremost fund accountant lay out the paperwork on that! I have a funny feeling that it's going to be very Geithneresque.

Anyway, Palin will be "fighting elitists," for some reason, and will be the messenger for "common sense solutions." She then offers up a "You betcha" on command, when Wallace asks for it.

She's at least learned the catchphrase! Arf arf!

Okay. I'm going to resist the urge to press the rewind on this panel. Bill Sammon, Mara Liasson, Bill Kristol and Juan Williams.

Anyway, Abdulmutallab is cooperating with authorities, so there goes that talking point. The new thing is, "Why are you telling our enemies that he is talking?" Maybe because everyone insisted that the FBI wasn't getting any actionable intelligence out of him. This is dumb. It basically exposes the fact that no matter what happens here, if Abdulmutallab doesn't get tortured, people like Bill Sammon will criticize it. The good news is that the investigation and interrogation is proceeding in precisely the way you should want it to -- effectively. I'm sleeping easier, knowing that we are not dragging out a lot of bad intel from this loser, and pretending it's actionable.

Kristol, by the way, is way behind the news on this. Gibbs gave an answer. People yelled. Now Gibbs has updated the answer. So now he's lying and publicly talking about the interrogation. No matter what move is made, Kristol doesn't like it. Unless, of course, we attach electrodes to what's left of Captain Crotchfire's crotch and let Kristol watch, so he can enthusiastically fap himself.

Anyway, didn't we have this argument last week? Williams points out again that military tribunals aren't effective.

Kristol doesn't know if Sarah Palin will run for president. Juan Williams says it's odd that she took money from the tea party people and won't speak to CPAC for free. Sammon says that the mainstream media hates Palin and the Tea party movement because they are a threat. I sort of think the mainstream media loves Palin and the tea Party because both serve as a sort of comic relief.

I'm honestly not sure what either threaten. The people in the tea party movement have been believing what they believe for a long, long time. Now they are just staging for-profit therapy sessions, where they talk about their feelings and help each other not feel so sad about the fact that they are at the fringes of society and that most of America doesn't think as they do. They need this encounter group of theirs because they feel threatened by mainstream society. The reverse isn't true.

Anyway, let's move on, before the Superbowl starts!


Today, we have Norah O'Donnell, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Kathleen Parker and Michael Duffy. Sorkin is all blinky-blink, for some reason.

Anyway, Obama needs to be "popular" in Matthews' opinion! So, turn your Presidency into an anodyne, feel-good factory, and stop solving problems! That's how you get popular. Or, you know, pass the things that the people want passed?

Norah O'Donnell says that the goal is to be "civil" and make "tax cuts for small businesses." And he's going to college basketball games? And Parker worries that he'll be seen as a "campaigner, not a leader." And Sorkin says, "I don't think Obama will win over the Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck crowd." Are you sure, though? Think about that some more and get back to me.

Kathleen Parker's boots look pretty fabulous, in case you are wondering.

"If government can't function, do Republicans ever pay a price for that," Matthews asks. The answer is probably no? Because they wouldn't filibuster everything and place blanket holds on nominees if the opposite is true.

Sorkin says the unemployment rate is still not very good.

Parker says that the GOP just doesn't want to engage. "They're just waiting until November." Duffy adds, "They don't want to give Obama a win."

Meanwhile, as Duffy points out COngress is looking for Obama to tell them what to do on health care, and Obama doesn't want to, for some reason, so maybe they'll just have to figure out how to legislate?

O'Donnell does not want to "cool down" Glenn Beck, with soothing oils and exfolients.

Can Obama get his approval numbers up with unemployment so high? O'Donnell says yes, but not substantially. Sorkin agrees, for the same reason. Duffy and Parker seem to more optimistic. As Duffy points out, "events happen."

Matthews is now talking about politicians and their Superbowl picks. The big takeaway: Richard Nixon was terrible at picking football games. O'Donnell and Parker say that you should not take sides, but Parker allows that there's no problem picking the underdog, if you frame it like this. Duffy says there's no harm in going with "the sentimental favorite," by which he means the Saints, who Matthews immediately offers he is rooting for. And, also: WHY AM I TYPING ANY OF THIS??

Anyway, Obama said to turn off the teevees, and stop paying the attention to the echo chamber, and stop watching shows that focus on mindless politics. Well, I guess the President just figures some dumb loser will come along and liveblog it all for you.


Tell me that Cyclonic Perpetual Emotion Machine isn't the best band name, in the world. Better than even Appletini Partyboy or Journo Nitro-Lube!

O'Donnell says, "First he disses Vegas and now he's dissing the cable channels!" ONly he did not really "diss Vegas." Though I have been to Vegas, and it's worthy of dissing. It is an awful, awful, terrible place, filled with grifters and whores and the touring cast of Mamma Mia, and terrible overpriced food, except for a few good brunch places out in the county where tourists do not go. Also, BILLIONS OF FORECLOSED UPON HOMES. And everyone is either terribly sad or is desperately pretending to be happy, in their own smeared makeup, wild-eyes on the edge of an epic nervous breakdown sort of way. I hope I never, ever, ever, go back to Las Vegas.

Oh, crap, we're at commercial.

Anyway, that's how you diss Las Vegas!

Tell Chris something he doesn't know. O'Donnell says that Palin's PAC has spent more money purchasing her own book than she has given to candidates. BUT HOW HAS CHRIS NOT HEARD ABOUT THAT? Sorkin says that Wall Street banks have to disclose their bonuses to Andrew Cuomo. Parker bets that the Democrats will "force the GOP to filibuster" as in actually get up and start reading phone books and what not. I like Kathleen, so I'm going to recommend she read Ryan Grim's piece for us, entitled, "The Myth Of The Filibuster: Dems Can't Make Republicans Talk All Night."

Also, she should read Ryan's book, "This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America.." I MEAN, WHY NOT?

Duffy says 5,000 pages of Jimmy Carter's diaries are coming out this year. Hopefully, they will be as erotic as those "RED SHOE" diaries.

Anyway, Matthews wants to know why attitudes on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" have changed. Norah says it's a matter of greater acceptance. Sorkin says that the internet and social networks have made gays more acceptable. (?!?!?!) Parker says that it's a generational matter, her generation has passed along values of tolerance. That said, she thinks that it's a military question that the military has to answer. Duffy says it's generational, and by the way, the military has to attract recruits that are just more predisposed to gay people.

I would add that we debated this issue originally during a relatively peaceful time, but now, the "shit," as they say, had "just got real," and we really cannot be discharging soldiers and linguists and medics and whatnot for such a stupid reason. Plus, bigots and bigotry can suck me.


Today on Meet The Press, we have Alan Greenspan and Henry Paulson. And snow! David Gregory rattles off some "snOMG" and "Snowmageddon" jokes, with the help of President Obama. Plus, all sorts of politics, discussed in as tacky a manner as possible with Ed Gillespie and Dee Dee Myers.

First, here's John Brennan, to talk about terrorism and The War Against Terror. How does Brennan define winning TWAT? Brennan says TWAT will be won when we "destroy" al Qaeda by "taking away their ability to train those operatives to carry out attacks either there or here in the homeland."

But we are still in danger. So says Leon Panetta. And everyone else! DANGER IS COMING. But, as Brennan says, our counter-terrorism successes "come every day." We're just not braggy about it.

"We have been very very successful," he says, at thwarting attacks. And he assures us that there is no credible threat of an attack at the Superbowl. Outside of a massive WHO DAT ATTACK! Am I right, Louisiana?

Brennan is also not that worried about "sleeper cells" that might hit your locak Bed Bath and Beyond. "We've dedicated a lot of resources," there.

AWW, BUT SCOTT BROWN COLD DISSED YOU, JOHN BRENNAN! We shouldn't pay for lawyers to defend terrorists. It's only a COnstitutional right, but to people like Scott Brown, values are fads and he's totally into some new values right now.

Anyway, Brennan goes on to describe the effective and successful effort that's been deployed in the case of Captain Crotchfire. His kicker, "Quite frankly, I'm tiring of politicians using national security issues such as terrorism as a political football. They are going out there. They're unknowing of the facts. And they're making charges and allegations that are not anchored in reality."

GREGORY: Well, let's talk about one of those allegations. Senator Kit Bond saying that members of the Intelligence Committee were told not to talk at all about the fact that that he was now cooperating. That he was speaking to the F.B.I. And then it gets leaked out to the press after that, saying that the Administration was responsible for leaking classified data that they were told to keep under wraps.

BRENNAN: Again, inconsistent with the facts. Senator Bond and other senior members of Congress were briefed on Monday about Abdulmutallab's cooperation. They were told about the fact of that cooperation, as well as some information that he was sharing. During the the subsequent date, in the hearing, it unfortunately came out that that intelligence was starting to flow from Mr. Abdulmutallab. The press was all over it. This network went out right away and reported that.

And so, we then wanted to make sure that we were able to provide to the networks and to the media the correct rendition of what happened. And how instrumental Mr. Abdulmutallab's family was in getting him to cooperate. And it was a very successful activity on the part of the F.B.I., Department of Justice and others. Including the intelligence community. So, what we did was to make sure that the facts were out there as best they could be.

GREGORY: To those that say you have not shared enough information about how you intended to handle him, you say what?

BRENNAN: I say that there are sensitive investigations and operations underway, and we're not gonna compromise our ability to follow up on that information and to disrupt further terrorist attacks. And there have been instances when information has been shared with the Hill, when we see it in the media the next day. And we have to be very circumspect as far as what information's gonna be shared. The premium that this President puts on the work of the intelligence and law enforcement community is to disrupt future attacks and to protect the American People.

HAHA. Nice burn on NBC. Also, there's this:

BRENNAN: On Christmas night, I called a number of senior members of Congress. I spoke to Senators McConnell and Bond. I spoke to Representative Boehner and Hoekstra. I explained to them that he was in F.B.I. custody. That Mr. Abdulmutallab was in fact talking. That he was cooperating at that point. They knew that in F.B.I. custody means that there's a process then you follow as far as mirandizing and presenting him in front of the magistrate.

None of those individuals raised any concerns with me, at that point. They didn't say, "Is he going into military custody? Is he going to be mirandized?" They were very appreciative of the information. We told them we'd keep them informed. And that's what we did. So, there's been quite a bit of an outcry after the fact. Where again, I'm just very concerned on behalf of the counterterrorism professionals throughout our government that politicians continue to make this a political football. And are using it for whatever political or partisan purposes.

This is about how I thought the process went:

1. Captain Crotchfire happens. He is detained and treated as you would anyone who tried to kill people with an incompetently weaponized scrotum.

2. GOP lawmakers are informed.

3. Some time passes. It looks like nothing bad has happened, so this can be politicized.

4. A plan is hatched to politicize this. It does not make any fucking sense, but whatever, people remember being scared, they can be made to be scared of a sad and lonely loser that pasted flammable goop on his balls for the glory of his Sky-God.

5. Al Qaeda is like, "Wow. Thanks for taking an incident that would normally make us embarrassed to be in the terrorist business, and turning it into a super-successful field op! We will definitely associate ourselves with this sad loser."

6. We are honestly asked to entertain the possibility that it would have been better to have tortured this sad loser, so that we could have some false intelligence, presumably on this network of sad losers that paste gunk to their taint and set afire.

7. The media aids and abets the cynical opportunists who populate the political landscape, and they should all die in the snow, but they won't.

Anyway, KSM, he's getting tried, and the trial's outcome is pre-determined? So it will be a shining example of jurisprudence. Gregory doesn't bother asking, "Hey, is the fact that we tortured the crap out of these guys now impact our ability to try him with American values?" Because Gregory does not care about that stuff.

Now, Gregory has Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson on his show. He immediately asks: "Do you guys feel at all bad, for being so wrong about everything, and setting the stage for a near economic collapse?"

HA KIDDING! He could not have articulated that question, with his head buried in the bun-chasm of these two sage geniuses of the economy! But I bet I had you going there, for nanoseconds!

Gregory asks if the slight turnaround in unemployment numbers is a massive turnaround, and Greenspan tells him no it is a slight turnaround.

Paulson says the economy is clearly recovering and that America is awesome and that maybe the awesomeness of America will make some cookies for the unemployed.

Regulatory reform, much? Greenspan says, HELLLLL NO! Cut taxes and let jobs get created and don't do anything to prevent this all from happening again, of course. And Paulson adds, DID I NOT JUST SAY HOW AWESOME AMERICA IS? SURELY YOU DON'T WANT THIS AWESOME COUNTRY TO GET SAD, WITH REGULATIONS.

This makes sense to Gregory! What can we do, to make more awesomeness. Paulson says that we need to make CEO's feel special, so they do not sit in their ornate offices, crying about how unappreciated they are! "Part of it is confidence and psychology. What's going on inside the head of the CEO. And how comfortable does he or she feel about the the future?"


Greenspan says, "The recession is over!" POP CRISTAL EVERYONE. Plus, maybe some "innovation" will happen? "Innovation by definition is not forecastable. So, we don't know where the jobs are coming from. We don't know how this market is exactly in terms of dynamics going to move forward. But we know that this process is underway, and there's every reason to believe it will continue." OKAY I LOVE THIS CERTAINTY! Please give Lloyd Blankfein ALL THE MONEES!

Here's the thing that Paulson says that will make headlines: "I was very impressed that Candidate Obama was very concerned with what was going on. And was very supportive. Candidate McCain, I will admit, gave me a few more anxious days and hours." Yes, because McCain seemed to not really know what, as they say, he was talking about? And that he used the epic financial crisis as a means for him to flashily win news cycles? While Obama proved himself to be the sort of person who would EVENTUALLY APPOINT LARRY SUMMERS AND TIM GEITHNER TO IMPORTANT POSITIONS, GAH.

David Gregory: "Let me ask you about housing." Both Paulson and Greenspan have nice houses, nicer than you and I could even imagine!

Gregory asks Paulson about the deficits:

PAULSON: Oh, I just have no doubt that it is by far the most serious long-term challenge we as a nation face. All these other economic issues are minor compared to that. And it's a generational issue. Because there's no way we're going to-- to deal effectively with the deficit without reforming the entitlement programs. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

And it doesn't have to be a crisis. This is something that can be handled. But one of the things I talk about in my book, and one of the lessons that just hit me right between the eyes being in Washington, is it's very, very difficult to get Congress to act on anything that's big and difficult and controversial if there's not an immediate crisis. And so, what it's gonna take to get leaders on both sides to come together and deal with this, I think is a huge question.

Maybe the truth of that hit him right between the eyes because of his own failure to forestall the massive economic crisis?

Asked about letting the Bush tax cuts expire, Paulson expresses precisely the sort of unawareness about how revenues and deficits work as I imagined he would. THIS GUY WAS IN CHARGE OF MATH, FOR THE COUNTRY.

Greenspan is disturbed by the fact that the Senate voted down the Blue Ribbon Deficit Commission. If I were him, I'd be disturbed that such as thing was proposed! The fact that it was voted down was an extension of the cowardice that spurred its near creation in the first place.

Paulson and Greenspan are both rooting for Peyton Manning. Man, New Orleans' karma just keeps growing and growing!

And now, here's Ed Gillespie and Dee Dee Myers, talkin' about junk. Gillespie says that Palin has the ability to connect with people. Yes, a small group of exceedingly odd people. The comedian Gallagher had much the same success. Dee Dee Myers says, she's "not sure" where the movement is going, if it's a third party or whatnot. Gillespie thinks that they will just end up voting for the GOP candidates. I think that's probably true, seeing as how these folks have been voting for GOP candidates right along. They could force the GOP to go fringier, in certain districts.

I am impressed that we've gotten two dyed-in-the-wool establishment types to talk about this topic for this long. Not to worry, they are not making a whole lot of sense!

Waiting for Gregory to try to get this discussion out of the ditch. He does so by asking about the President's health care agenda, and adjusting to "the new normal." Gillespie thinks that maybe some health care reform matters could get passed piecemeal, but that they have to talk about jobs, now. HONEST TO GOD, IS THIS HOW THESE PEOPLE MAKE A LIVING? Haven't we been talking about how Obama has to start talking about jobs, for three weeks now? Gillespie is amazing only in that he makes you totally convinced that he had this whole idea himself and is saying it for the first time.

Myers, also, is not saying anything that hasn't been said a million times in the past three weeks. Why doesn't Meet The Press just call itself a "recap show?"

"TODAY, ON MEET THE PRESS: some people say some stuff that other people have been saying for a month, plus...LOST! That show is crazy! What is going on, on that island? Probably something weird."


By the way, the DAMNED PENGUINS are winning that hockey game right now!

Anyway! If you are not under a blanket of snow, HAVE FUN GOING TO WORK TOMORROW. And if you are under a blanket of snow, please take the time today to say "Thank you!" to the people who are plowing and shoving and shoveling you out! They've probably been working for a few days now, and they're mostly under-appreciated.

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