04/10/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rambler Twitter Sneakers Tweet Every Step You Take (PHOTOS)

*See pictures below*

Take your Twitter addiction to the next level with sneakers that will tweet each and every step you take.

The creators of the Rambler Twitter sneakers at Popkalab explain how the concept shoes work:

Rambler are a pair of sneakers that use the Twitter platform to literally microblog every step you take. [...] A sensor embedded under the sole detects when the wearer is walking. This information is sent via Bluetooth to a mobile phone that makes the postings on Twitter. When the sensor detects a certain amount of pressure, the word "step" is posted. For the other moments the "." symbol is posted. Following these postings one can know if the wearer is walking or not and also predict his speed.

The sneakers are intended to criticize the "massive amount of useless information that is spread over [Twitter]" by "posting literally every step you take in real life."

Here's an example of what Rambler will tweet:

But serious Twitter users might like the device--what's your take?

Follow Rambler's steps on Twitter at RamblerShoes and check out more tweeting objects, including the Twoddler toy for toddlers and the tweeting bathroom scale.

See pictures of the sneakers below:

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