04/11/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Homeless Man, Missing Cat Reunited In San Francisco

UPDATE: According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Samantha and Daniel Harlan were reunited on Tuesday, when Tom Neville was told that the cat he'd rescued from the streets weeks before was in the newspaper.

According to Neville, he picked the cat up after seeing it tied on a leash under a freeway. He believed he was saving the cat from a life of poverty. He washed and fed Samantha and kept her in his office.

From the Chronicle:

Neville was working on finding a permanent home for her, when a friend called and told him that the cat he'd rescued had its picture in the paper. Sure enough, the cat in the picture looked very much like Samantha, the homeless man's missing cat.

Neville was torn; he believed he'd given the cat a new lease on life. He didn't want to see the animal go back to the homeless life. "I wanted to do the right thing," he said.

He thought about it for hours, but then got Harlan's phone number from The Chronicle story and called. Harlan told him about his life with Samantha.

As Harlan's cell phone number was published online, he received calls from all over the world from people offering to send money. He kindly refused, saying he's always tried to live by his own merits.


SFist reports that 58-year-old homeless man Daniel Harlan is missing his grey-haired Himalayan cat Samantha, and he's offering a reward for her safe return.

Samantha, missing since Friday, has a pug-nose and "looks like it ran into a wall," according to Harlan. He thinks no other cat looks like her and his hoping for her safe and speedy return. No word yet on what Harlan plans to offer as the reward.

A photo of Samantha can be seen through The San Francisco Chronicle.

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