04/11/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jay Leno On Letterman Commercial: 'Great To See My Old Friend Again' (VIDEO)

Jay Leno talked about his Super Bowl commerical with David Letterman and Oprah on his primetime show Monday night.

Leno said that Letterman's producer called his producer to share Letterman's idea for a commercial, and he took to the idea right away.

"No matter what animosity there is among comedians, a good joke is a good joke," he said.

Leno said he flew to New York and entered Letterman's studio in heavy disguise. When he shook hands with Letterman — his bitter rival — "whatever happened for the last 18 years disappeared.

"It was great to see my old friend again," he said. "It was wonderful. He was very gracious. We talked about the old days and we told some jokes and it was really good to see him."

Leno added that NBC executives who had gotten word of a secret Letterman taping were afraid Letterman had filmed a promo with President Obama.

"They got a bit of a surprise when they saw it as well," he said.

"I wanna thank Dave for making me a part of his promo," he concluded, earnestly. "Glad to promote his show. When I did his show in the '80s, I promoted his show every night of the week and it was fun to do it again."

Leno will be back on against Letterman on March 1, when he reassumes his post as host of "The Tonight Show."