04/11/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama Wears Talbots, Loves Burgers And Fries (VIDEO)

On Tuesday Michelle Obama will announce a "very ambitious" program to end childhood obesity. She sat down with Robin Roberts for an interview that aired on Tuesday morning's Good Morning America. Watch the clip below.

"I love burgers and fries. And I love ice cream and cake," said the first lady. "And so do most kids. And we're not talking about a lifestyle that excludes all that. The question is how do we help people balance that out so that they're not facing life-threatening preventable illnesses so they're enjoying their food, they're eating their vegetables, they're doing their running and walking and playing but still have time to get a good fun meal in once in a while."

The first lady wore an all-white Talbots suit--possibly inspired by the weekend's mid-Atlantic snowstorm?--with tall tan boots.