04/12/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Colorado Benefits System Fails Again As Computer Glitch Prevents Benefits Payment (VIDEO)

KUSA in Denver reported Tuesday on yet another error in the State of Colorado's computer system that delayed unemployment benefits payment for 42,000 Coloradans. KUSA cites officials at the Colorado Department of Labor, who said the Governor's Office of Information Technology is responsible for the error.

Dara Hessee at the Office of Information Technology told 9 News "It really is just a code error in the system, which is a quick fix."

Last week, the Denver Post reported on a potential lawsuit involving the death of Zumante Lucero, a 9-Year-Old Denver boy who was accidentally cut off of Medicaid benefits thanks to a glitch in a different state computer system that processes Medicaid benefits.

In 2008 Colorado ranked 52nd in the nation (behind Guam) in on-time delivery of food stamps.

Watch KUSA's report: