Inside The International Space Station (VIDEO): Take A Dizzying Tour In The ISS

04/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The International Space Station, which went into orbit over a decade ago, is believed to be one of the most expensive objects ever constructed.

So what goes on up there and what does it look like inside?

A video from Best0fScience (see below) will take you on a guided end-to-end, floor-to-ceiling tour of the International Space Station, beginning at the back end in the "Soyuz," and traveling through the entire craft to the shuttle.

The video shows us glimpses of the docking compartment, the Russian MRM2 science module and the robotics workstation before moving on to the "Columbus" laboratory module.

There we get a glimpse of space walk suits stored on the ceiling, before turning to look at the Japanese experimental module that houses a gym, sleep station, laboratory and more storage. The tour ends with a look around the shuttle flight deck.

Watch out! With all the floating, movement, and split-screen shots, the tour through the ISS can be dizzying.