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Media Power Couples: Who's The Ultimate Media Duo? (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post   Danny Shea   First Posted: 04/16/10 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 04:30 PM ET

If any industry can be considered incestuous, it's the media. Power couples populate the industry, from TV anchors to executives and even the newspaper/magazine world. In honor of Valentine's Day, check out some of the media's most powerful duos, and vote for your favorite.

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  • Lawrence O'Donnell & Tamron Hall

    Page 6 recently reported that MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and Tamron Hall are kindling a relationship. They have been dating "for months," according to the <a href="" target="_hplink">New York Post</a>, and have been spotted "canoodling at downtown haunts."

  • Ezra Klein & Annie Lowrey

    Ezra Klein, a columnist for the Washington Post and Bloomberg and MSNBC contributor, is married to Annie Lowrey, an economic policy reporter for the New York Times. Klein <a href="" target="_hplink">happily announced their engagement</a> in the Post after successfully proposing in 2010.

  • Don Lemon & Ben Tinker

    CNN host Don Lemon is in a relationship with Ben Tinker, a senior producer at the network. The two have been together for four years as of<a href="" target="_hplink"> August 2011</a>.

  • Jay Carney & Claire Shipman

    He's the White House press secretary, she's a senior correspondent for ABC News. Carney and Shipman met as reporters on an assignment in Moscow's Red Square. They are married, and have two children.

  • Sally Quinn & Ben Bradlee

    One of Washington's preeminent power couples, he's the former executive editor of the Washington Post and she's an author/writer for the newspaper. Fun fact: they own the Grey Gardens home on Long Island.

  • Tina Brown & Sir Harry Evans

    The editor of <em>Newsweek</em> and the former editor of the Sunday Times (London) have been married since 1981. A sign of how small the media elite power circle really is? They got married at...Sally Quinn & Ben Bradlee's Long Island home.

  • Christiane Amanpour & Jamie Rubin

    ABC's "This Week" host and the former head of Bloomberg's opinion effort were married in 1998. But Rubin's stint in journalism was brief -- <a href="" target="_hplink">he left Bloomberg</a> in September 2011.

  • Steve Kroft & Jennet Conant

    The longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent is married to Jennet Conant, a writer whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, Newsweek, and The New York Times. They have one son.

  • Meredith Vieira & Richard Cohen

    Meredith Vieira and husband Richard Cohen have been married since 1986. Cohen is a former senior producer at CNN and CBS News. Vieira left her post as co-host of "Today" last year to spend more time with him and their three children.

  • Les Moonves & Julie Chen

    The CBS CEO and network "Talk" show co-host married in 2004. They welcomed baby Charlie in September 2009.

  • John Roberts & Kyra Phillips

    Roberts & Phillips, who began dating quietly in December 2008, are engaged and have twins together. But they're also cable news rivals: Phillips hosts CNN daytime coverage, and Roberts left CNN for Fox News last year.

  • Diane Sawyer & Mike Nichols

    ABC's "World News" anchor married the legendary film director/producer in 1998.

  • John King & Dana Bash

    The "John King, USA" anchor and the network's congressional correspondent were married in 2008. He converted to Judaism to marry her.

  • Al Roker & Deborah Roberts

    The "Today" show weatherman and longtime ABC News journalist were married in 1995 and have two children together.

  • Mika Brzezinski & Jim Hoffer

    The co-host of "Morning Joe" is married to Jim Hoffer, a reporter for WABC in New York. The two met working at WTIC-TV, a local Connecticut news affiliate, and got married in 1993. They have two daughters.

  • George Stephanopoulos & Ali Wentworth

    The "GMA" anchor and his "Head Case" comedienne wife married in 2001. In the last year, they've re-located their family to New York from DC.

  • James Carville & Mary Matalin

    She worked on George H. W. Bush's 1992 reelection campaign, and he famously manned the "war room" and helped lead Bill Clinton to a surprise victory. A year later, Washington's odd couple was married.

  • Juju Chang & Neal Shapiro

    She's the new news anchor on "Good Morning America;" he's the former head of NBC News and now runs WNET, New York's PBS affiliate. They were married in 1995 and have three sons.

  • Lesley Stahl & Aaron Latham

    "60 Minutes" correspondent Leslie Stahl and author Aaron Latham have been married since 1977. The pair have a daughter.

  • Al Hunt & Judy Woodruff

    Two more DC insiders, he's the executive editor of Bloomberg News' Washington bureau and she's a news anchor on PBS' Newshour.

  • Chris Cuomo & Cristina Greeven Cuomo

    ABC's "20/20" co-anchor is married to the editor-in-chief of Plum Hamptons magazine. They recently welcomed their third child, a daughter, Carolina.