ABC NEWS: Is 'Financial Tough Love' The Right Approach For Drug Addicts? (WATCH)

04/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A recent two-part ABC News special titled Family in Crisis: At the Breakpoint brought to light a troubling aspect of the modern family: the tendency of many parents to provide continuing financial support to their drug-addicted children.

In the first part, ABC's John Quinones talked with experts around the country to find out what first steps to take when dealing with an enabling situation. Across the board, their answer was clear -- do not provide financial support, regardless of the circumstances.


In part two, Families in Crisis tackles the tough question: when to completely cut off contact from a troubled child? High-profile families in crisis -- from heiress Casey Johnson to celebrities Martin and Charlie Sheen -- are explored in order to tackle the tough dynamic between caring parents and their struggling children. Expert advice claims that, while strict boundaries must be formed, it is still acceptable to offer some lines of support.


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