Chuck E. Cheese Riot In Tennessee Leaves Several People Facing Charges (VIDEO)

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Chuck E. Cheese, the restaurant and game center for children, is not where one would expect a riot to occur, but that's what happened when two families began fighting over a long line at the photo booth.

The alleged aggressor's family was there celebrating her son's birthday at the Chuck E. Cheese in Hickory Hill, Tenn. when a girl began complaining that their lengthy use of the photo booth was causing a long line to form.

The woman's stepfather reportedly punched the complaining girl in the face, which sparked a wider physical altercation between both families. Customers and children began running for the exits to escape the melee.

The young woman denies that any of this is her fault but admits she's "embarrassed" by the incident.

Members of both families face a variety of charges, from inciting a riot to threatening police officers to possession of marijuana.


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