04/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Palo Alto Power Outage: Widespread Electricity Issues Reported After Palo Alto Plane Crash

A Palo Alto power outage is being reported across the city, apparently caused by a plane crash in the area.

Traffic lights are out and many are reporting an eerie scene in Palo Alto, a California city between San Francisco and San Jose.

Based in Palo Alto, Facebook posted the following status update about the incident on Facebook and Twitter:

It's one of those days at the office: The power is out in our home city of Palo Alto, but we're still working. The outage won't affect your ability to use Facebook as usual.

Locals have been tweeting about the Palo Alto outage. Here are some Palo Alto power outage tweets:

inamorata: A small plane crash into power lines in Palo Alto put the traffic lights out on El Camino Real from Charleston to Page Mill Rd. My commute.

simonfirth: Moved to Menlo Park for the morning, along with most of Palo Alto's office workers by the look of it (plane crashed has caused power outage)

milyadavis: Palo Alto eerie this morn w/ heavy fog and w/out lights. Kind of awesome until I found out what knocked out the power

rowlock: is working from home due to city-wide power outage in Palo Alto.

lgastako: The power is out. Had to use my iPhone as a light to shower by.

Schools remain in session despite the lack of electricity, the Palo Alto Unified School District announced.