Lisa Madigan Sues Two Allegedly Bogus Modeling Agencies In Scam Crackdown

04/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Attorney General's office announced that it will file suit against two Chicago-based modeling agencies as part of a nationwide crackdown on job scams.

The two agencies, Glamour Model Talent Inc. and Latte Model And Talent Agency, are accused of taking money from wide-eyed supermodel hopefuls and giving them a lot less than they paid for.

"Consumers who enlisted the services of these so-called modeling agencies failed to see any return on their considerable investment," Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a press release.

In the case of Glamour, clients paid up to $600 for head shots, on the promise that they would be shopped around to retailers like Sears and the Gap. But when pressed for specifics, the agency had no information about where it had showed its clients' photos.

When clients called to follow up after they had paid for their head shots, the agency often didn't return their calls.

Latte Model and Talent bilked its customers out of significantly more money, the lawsuit alleges. Clients paid over $5,000 for a travel package to the International Modeling and Talent Association convention. But upon arrival, they found that many of the services the package was supposed to include, like ground transportation and model training, weren't available. And the company refused to issue refunds.

The nationwide busts are coordinated by the Federal Trade Commission. Other lawsuits came down Wednesday in California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah.