Backstage With Juan Carlos Obando At Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

04/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

L.A.-based designer Juan Carlos Obando offered the Huffington Post an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the fall collection he presented last week at New York Fashion Week. We caught up with him just after he landed back in Los Angeles. Clearly delighted with the reaction, he shared some of his thoughts with senior editor, Willow Bay. Scroll down for photos by Hilary Moss.

On the collection: "I feel so relieved," he told us. "It was a challenge for me because I wanted to go very simple, streamlined and clean, respectful of tailoring and curves....I wanted to frame a woman instead of adorn her. I wanted to put her at the center, and create clothes that would frame her face, her body and her personality."

On the styling: "With the hair and makeup, I wanted it to represent today, not to be reminiscent of the past or the future, but reflect what a woman would wear today. And I wanted simple, sophisticated hair--not overly done."

On the models: "I can't stop thinking about some of those girls," he sighs. "They have incredible presence. There's an evolution now that we're seeing on the runway: designers are casting shows based on personality. There are no clothes-hangers anymore."

On killer accessories:
The runway looks may have been simple, and streamlined, but the lace-up boot extensions created for JC by his--also L.A. based-- friend, master shoe-maker George Esquivel were anything but: "That was the craziest! We thought it would take fifteen minutes a pair to lace them up. It took an hour--with 2 people per leg. They go way, way up," he explained. "That's a long way to lace. The response -- especially on Twitter-- was incredible."

Looking back:"This was my most difficult collection. Restraint is never easy. But when I saw the first look hit the runway I thought 'That's it.'"

As you can see from the last shot, many of the fashion insiders watching thought so too.


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