Trinity College Squash: WATCH Controversial Finish To Another National Title (VIDEO)

04/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Trinity College squash program is getting plenty of attention today, a day after its 12th consecutive national title.

But not all the attention has been positive for Hartford-based Trinity College.

The Trinity squash program is getting a healthy amount of criticism after one of its players taunted the opposition as the match ended.

The incident took place at Yale's Payne Whitney Gym and involved Trinity's Baset Chaudhry, who got in the face of Yale's Kenneth Chanar.

The Yale Daily News wrote about the incident:

As Chaudhry was leaving the court to join the celebration Trinity's team and fans had started on the floor, he surprisingly shoved Chan back onto the court, marring the historic night and concluding a heated match between the two players that included taunting not normally seen in squash.


UPDATE: Trinity coach Paul Assaiante said on ESPN that the College Squash Association will have to address the incident.